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Traditional decorations and warm welcome for manor at Christmas

A Victorian manor is bringing in the traditional decorations again to celebrate the festive season.

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Wightwick Manor and Gardens Victorian Christmas decorations inspired by the timeless designs of William Morris. Pictured is Santa and Libby Taylor from Wrightwick Manor.

Wightwick Manor and Gardens launched a celebration of the festive season with Victorian Christmas decorations inspired by the timeless designs of William Morris.

From Friday, December 1 to Sunday, January 7, the Manor's halls will be adorned with hand-crafted decorations, reflecting the aesthetic of William Morris, a prominent figure in the Arts and Crafts movement.

Senior house and collections manager, Helen Bratt-Wyton said the work of William Morris was integral to the celebration of Christmas at the manor and spoke about how his work first entered the manor.

She said: "When the Mander family had the house built, they went shopping to his store in London on Oxford Street, so the house is full of William Morris interiors and is the best example in the world of an intact William Morris interior.

"We've used these timeless patterns that are perennially popular and which is currently undergoing a renaissance again as people have been discovering his company's designs and they have become very popular again."

The manor has also been decorated from top to bottom in handmade decorations made by volunteers and staff, which will mean that visitors will be immersed in the spirit of Christmas as they wander through rooms filled with with rich tapestries, lush greenery, and candlelit displays.

On select mid-week dates, Wightwick Manor will also host special events, including live music from Anthem Choir and harpist Ann Lombardi, and the manor's gift shop will also feature a selection of exclusive Christmas items inspired by Morris's designs.

The tearoom will be offering festive foods such as turkey baps and mince pies.

Ms Bratt-Wyton praised staff and volunteers for their work.

She said: “Wightwick is always a magical place at Christmastime and the decorations really are stunning this year, thanks to the fantastic efforts of our volunteers and staff.

“We anticipate weekends being popular, so if you’re able to come along on a weekday, please do.

"We’re really looking forward to sharing our Victorian Christmas with everyone as so many people come each year due to it almost beginning their family Christmas and a feeling of tradition for them."

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