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Former Heavyweight Champ boxer Frank Bruno talks mental health issues with Wolverhampton workforce

Former Heavyweight Champion of the World, Frank Bruno MBE has discussed some of his toughest personal battles at a mental health seminar at a Wolverhampton workplace.

Boxing legend Frank Bruno attends a mental health event at Collins Aerospace, Wolverhampton. Pictured with Jeevan Thiara, aged 9, and sister Amrita, aged 7, who both attend the Bai Lang Kickboxing Academy based in Telford.

Frank Bruno was the star guest at an event at Collins Aerospace, organised to highlight mental health and also was organised to celebrate diversity and inclusion for Black History Month.

During a panel, and then a question-and-answer session, the British former boxer discussed his own battle with mental health issues, and how he feels there needs to be a change in how people are treated for their issues.

Boxing legend Frank Bruno attends at mental health event at Collins Aerospace, Wolverhampton. Speaking with Kim Patel

He said: "There needs to be a change in how mental health or bipolar is treated. All they do is give tablets and that does not help.

"They give you 28 tablets for the problem and then another 28 tablets for the side effects of the first 28 tablets, and that just does not help."

Discussing his life and how he put off addressing his mental health issues at first, Frank said: "My dad died when I was 14 and that was a trigger for me.

"I was sent to a boarding school, and that was almost like prison for me - but it was great for fitness, and we did a lot of sports to keep fit.

"Of course then I went on to become a professional boxer, where I had 45 fights as a professional, and they all stand out to me, even the ones that I lost.