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Tree-mendous fun at Wolverhampton school as staff and pupils mark anniversary with planting ceremony

It was a case of back to the past and the future as a Wolverhampton school celebrated a milestone anniversary.

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Pupils and staff at Castlecroft Primary School celebrated its 70th anniversary by planting a tree

A tree-planting ceremony, a visit from a past staff member and pupil and the burial of a time capsule all combined to mark the 70th anniversary of Castlecroft Primary School.

Eleanor Carter, who taught at the school in Windmill Crescent in the 1950s, gave a talk to present day pupils about what it was like in that era and Pam Teece, a pupils from the 1950s, also recounted her experiences.

A tree planting ceremony was held by the school council to celebrate 70 years of memories and growth – it will stand at the front of the school and be decorated yearly for Christmas.

Castlecroft Primary School

All guests enjoyed participating in 70th themed activities and games and during the ceremony, and children from each class shared their time capsule contributions.

School council leader and Year Six teacher Ed Beddall said they were delighted to be able to re-create the past through two visitors who had been at the school in its formative years, and that it was a valuable experience for the pupils to find out how different it was.

He said: "It was a combination of looking back and moving forward with the time capsule and tree planting – people can learn a lot from looking at the past and it was a good educational and fun experience for everyone here, not just the pupils but the staff."